Welcome to the office of Dr. Capriotti and Dr. Barrett                                           COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update
Please be advised that, at this time, we are operating primarily remotely to maintain safety for our patients and staff.  It is extremely important for everyone to maintain social distancing.  

Although we prefer face to face interactions, we are currently only providing tele-psychiatry services.
Our phones are answered by our staff working remotely, so please leave a voicemail if the staff do not answer immediately. Use our office number for communication, and for routine matters our staff email: drcapristaff@gmail.com.  
As always, if there is an emergency, do not hesitate to call 911.

Beware of Scammers.  Just as we are all adapting to changes in the world, so are they.  It seems like the worst time for someone to do a scam, but remember they will view this as a time of vulnerability and opportunity.  Be extra suspect of suspicious emails or phone calls as well as people coming to your door. 

It is unlikely there are any 'emergencies' in this situation that would require instant action, so ask for ID, and call local officials to verify if someone calls or comes to your door.

Limit social contact as much as possible. 

Limit trips to the grocery store and pharmacy.  Consider sending one person once per week for necessary supplies.  Preferably this person would be young and without other medical problems.  

Wash your hands.

Reducing the stress of these changes

We recommend spending no more than 30 minutes a day updating yourself about news stories. This should be sufficient time to stay updated without being overwhelmed with every detail.  News programs are not going to rush to tell us to do that.  We do not need to be inundated with this information.

Exercise outside as long as you are keeping social distancing from those not part of your immediate family. 

Spend time enjoying yourself such as with reading, games, hobbies, or other activities.  Bond with your family.   Learn some new recipes.  Get creative.  Try deep breathing exercises, yoga, or meditation, there are plenty of online videos to show you. 

Stay in contact frequently with your friends and family members via the internet, phone, video sessions, etc. 

Do a real spring cleaning, organize your home.  All of us have some projects around the home we intend to do but never had the time.

Put yourself to bed at a reasonable time, keep yourself on a healthy sleep schedule, and get enough sleep.

Continue to take your medications.  Contact us if you find you need something we might be able to help with.

Covid-19 Tips

Why this  can throw us off balance

Humans are social creatures. 

We love doing things together.  We learn, eat, work, worship, exercise, volunteer and play together.   We like to hear other perspectives and we like others to listen to us. 

Nevertheless, to help stop the spread, and stay healthy, we need to practice social distancing.

Change is difficult

Change in our routine throws us off mentally.  Just as starting a new job, starting at a new school or moving to a new home can be rough at first, we have to get used to a lot of new changes all at once.  Our brains are adaptable and we will get through this.

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